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Update: Jacob N. Stuart

Jacob N. Stuart
Jacob N. Stuart
Jacob N. Stuart granted us an interview in March, 2015. Since then, he has co-directed, with Puja Pandey, a feature-length mystery/drama film, which he wrote, titled An Addicitng Picture.  He has also written an award-winning short film, "The Mailbox."

An Addicting Picture is about a man with a fiancee, whom a psychic, based on one picture, has told not to marry him, because he is apparently an addict.

Mr. Stuart tells us that this film is "currently in post-production, and will be releasedthis spring [2017."

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[Yes, it's misspelled.]

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"The Mailbox" is a ten-minute dramedy about "an elderly man with dementia" who hopes to hear from his "estranged family, only to find [that] what he's been waiting for has already arrived."

Mr. Stuart tells us that, released in 2016, "The Mailbox" has been in six film festivals:

     Semi-Finalist - Hollywood Screening Film Festival, 2017
     Semi-Finalist - Firereel Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection - The Berlin Flash Film Festival, 2017
Official Selection - Madhouse Movies Film Festival, 2017
Official Selection - F3: Frankly Film Festival
Official Selection - Weekend of Film Festival

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Update by Jacob N. Stuart and William Mortensen Vaughan

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