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Interview With Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell

Lati Grobman & Christa Campbell
Lati Grobman & Christa Campbell
Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa Publicity introduced us to Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell as "academy award nominated" producbers, who became "producing partners in 2011, as Campbell Grobman Films, after working as [executive] producers to help set up films such as Lionsgate’s Leatherface and Kat Coiro’s romantic comedy A Case of You, which stars Justin Long, Sienna Miller, and Brendan Fraser.

Grobman was also an executive producer on the Michael Shannon [and] Chris Evans' crime drama The Iceman, and James Coxindependent dramedy Straight A’s, both of which co-star Campbell.

"The duo 'scored' with 2013’s
Texas Chainsaw 3D, which took in $47 million worldwide," according to Josh.

“We’ve done a lot of different things,” says Campbell.  As of January 29th, 2017, the Internet Movie Database [IMDb] lists sixty-one acting credits on her filmography; counting film and television credits of all types (not just acting), it lists sixty-nine feature films, twenty-three television episodes, eighteen television series, eleven videos, five short films, five television movies, and one television special which she worked on.


She and Ms. Grobman received an Emmy nomination for their documentary Brave Miss World, which was also nominated for an Audience Choice Award at the Chicago International Film Festival.
They also served as executive producers on
She’s Funny That Way, which featured Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Cybill Shepherd and Quentin Tarantino as himself; Criminal, starring Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, and Tommy Lee Jones; Stonehearst Asylum (also known as Eliza Graves), starring Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, and Michael Caine; “Red Sonja:  Queen of Plagues,” based on the graphic novels; and “Day of the Dead,” a remake of the George Romero film.

Forbes identifies them as a "Power Duo" which "Paves The Way For More Women At The Top In Entertainment."  As powerful as they may be, they were gracious enough to grant us this interview:

La Libertad:  Where were you born?

CC I was born in Oakland, California.

LG:  Moscow, Russia.

La Libertad:  Where do you currently reside?

Both Los Angeles.

La Libertad:  What would you like to tell our readers about your latest film project?

CC:  We are working on several projects. We have [The] Hitman's  Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson;  Hunter Killer with
Gerard Butler, and Pablo Escobar with Javier Bardem [and Penelopee Cruz].

La Libertad:  What do you love most about producing?

CC:  I love the challenge.  The fight..

LG:  To make something out of nothing.  To go to a movie knowing
you made that happen. 

La Libertad:  What inspires you to get involved with a new project?

CC:  That depends.  Each film is different. And we decide to make
them for different reasons.

LG:  Passion and money!  We love the art of making movies, but you also have to make sure that you are not only making art, [but] that you are responsible for the investors who allowed this art to be seen; therefore, we try to be conservative in... choosing projects; it's a constant balancing.   

La Libertad:  What is the hardest part of producing?

CC:  Finding good projects. The good ones get funded fast.

LG:  Ninety-nine percent of content in Hollywood is poor.  Finding a good project is absolutely the hardest part.

La Libertad:  Where have you traveled in regards to film sets?

CC:  All over the world.  Bulgaria, London, Colombia, Amsterdam...  Everywhere!

LG:  I travel less now, but before, I lived in Shreveport, Louisiana for ten months, El Paso, Texas, Bulgaria, et cetera.
La Libertad:  What are your overall career goals?

CC:  To make bigger, better movies that are successful.

LG:  To get nominated for an Academy Award - wait We did that.  To win one!
La Libertad:  What film projects are you working for "the Big Screen"?

CC:  Hopefully All of them are for "the Big Screen"

LG:  Our film The Bleeder [starring Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts and Ron Perlman] is going theatrical in May this year [2017].  People will enjoy it very much.
La Libertad:  What else, if anything, would you like to tell our readers?

CC:  Cream rises to the top.  If you're talented, we will find

LG:  It's more important being a good human being than being a
good film maker.

La Libertad:  What links would you like to share?


Lati Grobman & Christa Campbell

Introduction by William Mortensen Vaughan and Josh Mitchell

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