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Update: Natasha Khan Mayet

Natasha Khan Mayet
Natasha Khan Mayet
South African and Indian actress Natasha Khan Mayet, granted us an interview in February, 2014 when she moved to Los Angeles from Cape Town, South Africa. Although she had been acting in South Africa, including feature films such as Bleeding Gospel (Jacques Brown, Director) and Three Suspects (Dewet Dutoit, Director), her career in American film and television was just starting out at the time, including gigs in "The Creepy Guy" (James Mason, Director) and "Metropolitan Detective" (Marc Chicoine, Director). Since then, she shot a national commercial for ProActive Plus, featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar
She was also cast in director Vincent Gomez’s play “The Desperate Yogi,” that was performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The director was so happy with her audition that he decided to cancel all his auditions for the next day and cast her on the spot. Natasha played four of the lead female roles in the play, including the Indian goddesses Kali and Parvati; a doctor; and a tour guide, for which she received great reviews on her performance. 
She also appears in the film about sex trafficking Trafficked (Will Wallace, Director). 
In 2016, she filmed four episodes of the television pilot “Office Girls,” based on the book of the same name, directed by Dee Wright

Natasha moved to Atlanta, Georgia in October, 2016, after she was asked to attend a callback for a television series. There, in two months, she shot three films, a television series, and a pilot. She was cast in the horror feature Room 511 (Matondo Kiantandu, Director), and also appeared in the sci-fi short film "Hop" (Darion D'Anjou, Director). She also booked the Amazon Prime series “Music and Murder” (Greg Galloway, Director), and shot a role in a film “Hands” about an underground fight club (Darion D’anjou and Isaac Carter, Directors). And to add to the list of projects she has booked, she plays news reporter Angela Lee on television pilot “Stimulus” (Trell Films). 
Since the start of 2017, Natasha has already shot two films, including a horror short entitled “Leave me Alive or Else” (Tesh Yana, Director) and another short “Deception.” She is scheduled to film three other projects this year, including a lead role as a vampire queen in a feature for which she will begin stunt training in May, as well as a role as a news reporter in “Exoes of Silence,” a web series aimed at increasing awareness of sexual assault. She has six films to be released in 2017. We wish her success in her Atlanta adventures. 

While she is based in Atlanta, Natasha continues to audition for roles in Los Angeles, and goes back and forth between both markets. Natasha also believes that actors should be versatile and create their own work, and she  is currently working on writing and producing her own material, including a horror feature. 

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