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Interview With Jacob N. Stuart

Jacob N. Stuart
We discovered Jacob N. Stuart on LinkedIn.  We asked him to grant us an interview; he graciously complied.

La Libertad:  Where were you born? 

Jacob:  I was born in Dayton, Ohio.

La Libertad:  Where do you currently reside?

Jacob:  I spend MOST of my time in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

La Libertad:  What is your occupation?

Jacob:  I am an award-winning, produced, and represented screenwriter.  My films have aired in OVER seven different countries.  I am also the C.E.O. [Chief Executive Officer] of Screenwriting Staffing, an online staffing service for screenwriters and producers.  It doesn't matter if the writer is W.G.A. [Writers Guild of America] or just starting out, we cater to them!

La Libertad:  What do you love most about your work?

Jacob:  At Screenwriting Staffing our goal is simple:  to create success stories, one SCREENWRITER at a time.  I love being able to provide producers and production companies with VERY talented screenwriters, and scripts.  The MOST rewarding part of my job at S.S. is hearing that one of my members landed a PAID screenwriting assignment or SOLD their screenplay for a hefty profit.  Since our organization serves OVER thirty-five countries, the relationships and bonds I have forged over the last two years at S.S. are priceless!

La Libertad:  What talents and hobbies do you have?

Jacob:  I'll allow someone [else] from an objective perspective list my talents.  Hobbies?  That would be to WRITE.  I love to tell stories. Screenwriting, in my opinion, is the most honest and inspiring profession on the planet.  I nearly went broke going to film school in Los Angeles back in 2009, but when it's all said and done, the ONLY thing that matters is if I'm happy - and screenwriting makes me more than happy!

La Libertad:  What inspires you?

Jacob:  The brilliant work of Hunter S. Thompson.  I try to model my writing after the great H.S.T., but I find myself modeling his lifestyle more.  Also, movies inspire me - not the garbage Hollywood peddles out today, but early Hollywood cinema classics, and compelling indie films that were made on a shoe-string budget.  Story is everything.  A POWERFUL story can SAVE lives.

La Libertad:  What is the hardest part of your job(s)? 

Jacob:  Coming up with ideas is the easy part.  Actually finding the time to write them into a screenplay is the difficult part. But that's just the beginning.  I then have to find someone to BUY my work.  I have been blessed, though.  I have had OVER fifteen scripts produced and or purchased/optioned, and I'm ONLY twenty-seven [years old].

La Libertad:  What are your career goals?

Jacob N. Stuart and Sarah Stutsman
Jacob:  SELL, SELL, and SELL. Sell as much work as possible. Create life-changing stories, where people flock to the theaters.  At Screenwriting Staffing, we have OVER one hundred screenwriting success stories.  I'd like to see that number double by the start of 2016.  And based off the recent success from our talented screenwriting members, this should be NO problem at all!

La Libertad:  What projects are you working on?

Jacob:  I have one feature screenplay currently optioned, two shorts in pre-production, and one short [film] in post[-production].  My writing partner and I are also in the process of writing a new screenplay VERY dear to us (undisclosed).

La Libertad:  What upcoming events, if any, do you intend to participate in?

Jacob:  I am currently partnering with the Cincinnati Film Festival, putting together FREE screenwriting workshops. This is part of a wonderful educational series C.F.F. is sponsoring in order to educate the "Cincy" area in ALL THINGS SCREENWRITING.  I truly believe you DON'T have to live in Hollywood to find "Hollywood" success!

La Libertad:  What links would you like to share?

Jacob:  Screenwriting Staffing:

Personal Screenwriting Site:



The Backstory, Blog:



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