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Update: Bill Houskeeper

Bill Houskeeper
Bill Houskeeper
We interviewed Bill Houskeeper in November, 2013, and again, in March, 2014.  Since then, he has been cast in his seventeenth film, The Big Ticket, in the role of Steve.  He co-stars with  Sarah Marshall.

Also, the Cable News Network (CNN) has posted an iReport about Bill online; as of four forty-five p.m., Eastern Time, February 27, 2016, a link to it is still valid:
Bill Houskeeper has also received two letters of referral - one from
Rob Walker, who directed him in Demon; and one from Lynn Guthrie, who was an Assistant Director on the set of "The Beverly Hillbillies," in 1962.

Rob Walker states, in his letter of referral, that the character Bill Houskeeper played in Demon (Ranger Nathan), "offered complexity and several challenges which [Bill] addressed with great dedication, imagination and ingenuity... with a work ethic that is hard to match.  His focus and concentration on the set is unmatched.

"Even after filming was complete, [Rob continues] to speak with Bill about many of [his] future projects where [he looks] forward to working with him again."

Lynn Guthrie refers to Bill Houskeeper as "an upstanding, honorable individual with impeccable morals and standards, who has a passion for the film industry the likes of which [he has] never seen.

"[Bill's] passion is primarily in acting, but it doesn't stop there.  [He] also writes and produces independent films.  While Bill has strong convictions, he is wise to listen to those with experience in his trade to better his craft.

"Bill is not ego driven, nor is he laid back.  He has worked hard, in many capacities in show business, all over the world, to gain more knowledge to improve his craft in acting, and production, as well.  He never [satisfies] his hunger to be a part of the film industry...

"[He] is amiable, and is a true pleasure to work with.  He has a congenial attitude that makes him enjoyable to be around.

"His faith is steadfast, and he is a good person with high standards.  He is level-headed, family driven, and has a love for his country." 

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