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Interview with Bill Houskeeper

Although we published our first interview with Bill Houskeeper less than six months ago (November, 2013), he asked us to interview him again.

Bill Houskeeper was born in Baker, Oregon, but adopted and raised in Price, Utah.  In High School, he played clarinet, bass clarinet, and drums, and also studied drama.  After attending the College of Eastern Utah and Mesa State College, double-majoring in acting/directing and technical theater design, he worked with theater lighting on cruise ships.  Then he moved to Los Angeles to work on more stage lighting, and advance his career as an actor.

Bill tells us that, without the benefit of a manager or an agent, he has been cast in eight films within the past year.  Two of the films he played roles in have secured distribution and will hit the streets/shelves this year (2014).  Look for him as Bennie in Blood on the Border.

WMV:  Thank you for granting us another interview, Bill.  By the way, you are welcome to call me "Willie."  My father went by "Bill," but I never did.

What are the titles of the two films to be distributed this year, in which you played roles, and what roles did you play?

Bill:  Hello, Willie!  First, let me say thanks again for the interview. 

The films are called Let Me Out and The Magician.  In Let Me Out, I play the leading role of Max Gibson, who is a reporter who is investigating the disappearance of his daughter Ana.  Max was a very unique character for me because not only does he have this burden of blaming himself for his daughters disappearance, but he also has his own troubles with drinking to get over.  Unfortunately every time he learns more of his daughters past he begins drinking and going slowly over the edge of his sanity.  In The film “The Magician” Again I play the leading role of Max Gibson who is a failed Las Vegas Magician.  The film follows the classic 1970’s style slasher suspense genre which are always fun to work on.  I also was able to work with Jackie Siegel again whom I worked with on “Let Me Out.”  I also have to say how much it was to work with the cast in both of these films and especially the crew.  They really are a great group of people to work with.

WMV:  You and Dave Vescio are both listed as "Bennie" on IMDb's page for Blood on the Border.  Is that a mistake, or are there going to be two Bennie's in that movie?

Bill:  I would like to answer this, but all that I’m allowed to say is that it’s part of the surprise of the film.

WMV:  Speaking of bloody borders, illegal immigration is a popular political topic now-a-days.  What do you think of Operations Fast and Furious and Gun Walker?

Bill:  I think they should have been thought out a lot more before the plan was put into action.  From what I have researched it seems to have been poorly managed and if some more time had been spent, then there might have been better results.

WMV:  Where do you stand on illegal immigration?

Bill:  I have a deep respect for all cultures and nationalities.  I think if someone from any country wants to become a U.S. citizen, then they should go through the proper procedures to become citizens.

WMV:  Being able to get a role in any one movie in Los Angeles without an agent or manager is quite a feat.  You've done it eight times.  Which eight movies are we talking about, and, more importantly, how did you do it?

Bill:  The movies are, Showdown in Durango, Stakes and Crosses, The Family Inheritance, Let Me Out, Blood on The Border, Lotto, Who Is the Bloodiest Royal, and The Magician.  I have been very fortunate with being able to have a good reputation with producers and directors, so many of them continue to work with me.  I work on making new contacts every day, and network as much as possible.  People normally work forty hours a week, and I believe in doing the same for my job.

WMV:  You have referred to Lynn Guthrie and Rob Walker as "great industry referrals."  Are they your informal manager and agent? 

Bill:  While I consider them both great friends, neither one of them is my agent or manager.  It’s nice to have people in the industry whom I can ask questions about the business.

WMV:  How did you meet them?   

Bill:  I worked with Rob on Demon, and Lynn I just contacted from a friend.

WMV:  What else would you like to tell our readers about them?

Bill:  I have always wanted to be able to talk with someone who has a large amount of knowledge in the business.  I have so many questions about how to further my career.  With Lynn and Rob I can ask them point blank questions about the business and they don’t feel like I’m putting them on the spot and come across as a desperate actor looking for a job.  They always answer me as honest as they can and their advice is invaluable.  Once I make it, I will owe them many more heart felt thank you’s.

WMV:  Your bio on is written by Jack Houskeeper.  Who is he to you, besides your biographer?

Bill:  That’s my dad, my hero.

WMV:  Why are there only three "e's" in your surname?

Bill:  I’m not sure why.  Houskeeper is German, and, probably, at some point was spelled Hausekeeper, but that’s only a guess.

WMV:  Have you participated in any formal pool tournaments, or won any pool competitions?

Bill:  I have always enjoyed playing, but I have never competed in any real events.  I usually play with anyone else who feels like playing.  It does not matter their skill level.

WMV:  Are you familiar with Todd H. Mathus, who was on the team that won the Los Angeles Pool League, in the autumn of 2013, and who graced our cover in April, 2013?

Bill:  I have read up a little about him.  He seams like a nice guy who has a lot of respect for the game, and I like that.

WMV:  What are you driving now-a-days?

Bill:  I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla.  

WMV:  If you were the President, and you could have your way, how would you lower the price of fuel?

Bill:  That’s a good question.  Where our culture is right now, we are not ready to get rid of using fuel, but we need to be looking deeper at other methods that we could be using.  We have so many intelligent people in this country that I know some one has to have a great idea on how to replace, or at least significantly reduce the amount of fuel we use.  Unfortunately, I don’t think solar power or any other form of power is ready to replace fuel to the standards we are used to, yet.  I think the sooner we start to put much more focus on different types of energy, the quicker we will be able to be less dependent on how much fuel we need, thus reducing the cost of it.

WMV:  Have you learned any Spanish or Italian in the past three or four months?

Bill:  Unfortunately, no...  It’s still high on my list of things to do.

WMV:  In our previous interview, you mentioned traveling half way around the world.  Which half was that, and do you intend to make it all the way around the world?

Bill:  Mainly Europe, South America, and the South Pacific.  I would love to see all of the world and experience as many cultures as I can.

WMV:  Your Facebook indicates that you worked on Holland America and Celebrity Cruise lines.  Have you traveled on any other cruise lines, and do you have a preference?

Bill:  I have also worked for Radisson Cruise Line, Celebrity, and Silver Seas.  They were all fun, but I always liked Holland America a little more.  Probably because I did so many contracts with them...

WMV:  Cruises have received a lot of bad press.  As an experienced cruiser who worked "behind the scenes," so to speak, how does your threat assessment of cruises compare to flying or driving?

Bill:   I don’t think that cruise ships are as dangerous as flying or driving.  Sure, there will always be freak waves, but, for the most part, the satellite systems can predict storms with enough notice to be avoided.

WMV:  Speaking of "behind the scenes," who were some of the most memorable people you provided lighting for while working on cruise lines?

Bill:  Keith Urban instantly comes to mind.  He was hosting a very small group of people for a seven-day, Caribbean cruise.  Keith was very friendly with the passengers and the crew.  Real nice guy! 

WMV:  What travel destinations are your favorites?

Bill:  Lahaina, Maui will always be a place I consider a home-away-from-home feel for me.  Ushuaia is also on the top of the list.  It’s a small, quiet town in Argentina.

WMV:  Where would you most like to travel that you haven't visited yet?

Bill:  Any where in Asia and the Orient...  I also have a lot of friends in the Philippines, as well as Israel, that keep asking me to come visit.

WMV:  Do you think seeing the Olympics would be worth a trip to Sochi, Russia? 

Bill:  There are probably many reasons to go to Sochi, but seeing the Olympics there would make the trip even more worth it.

WMV:  Have you ever been, or would you ever go to a Super Bowl?

Bill:  I would like to go the Super Bowl, but mainly for the excitement of seeing a live game.  Truth is, I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy seeing a live game.

WMV:  Is it a coincidence that you have obtained roles in more than one horror film, or are they your favorites?

Bill:  I like horror films, but being consistently cast in them has been coincidental, while I like acting in all genres, but drama is my main choice. 

WMV:  Have you fixed the tooth you broke during the filming of Demon yet?

Bill:  Yes, I got it fixed right after filming.

WMV:  Your IMDb Trivia page says that you "[m]ade a goal to be cast in five S.A.G. [Screen Actors Guild] films in a year, and [were] cast in six before the year was up."  What year was that?

Bill:  Beginning of 2013...

WMV:  Do you have any websites or contact information you would like to share?


I also have a web site that will be up soon.

WMV:  Have you ever seen any of the Leprechaun films?

Bill:  I have.  It’s always fun to watch fun horror films with a group of friends.

WMV:  How do you intend to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day this year?

Bill:  Probably working, and then some beer with friends that night...

Interview by William Mortensen Vaughan

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