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Our Cover Model: Stacy Brecht

Stacy Brecht is the founder and president of the public relations firm, Carder Brecht  Communications, L.L.C., a professional dancer, model, choreographer  and writer with a Master's Degree in Business from Azusa Pacific  University and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from the  University of Missouri-Columbia.  Libertad first interviewed her in  the summer of 2012.  We have some catching up to do!

WMV:  Your Facebook indicates that you're from Cameron, Missouri.   Where were you born?

Stacy:   Yes, I grew up in a small community about an hour north of  Kansas City, Missouri called Cameron.  I'm grateful to have grown up  in the Midwest but always dreamed of living in Hollywood and working  with entertainment clients.  I'm thankful that I'm able to live out  my dreams in L.A.

WMV:  Your online presence seems to focus on Orange County,  California.  In which city and State do currently reside?

Stacy:  I live in Los Angeles, California, which is where my public relations business, Carder Brecht Communications,  L.L.C., is based, but I write for CBS Orange County.  You can see  some of my articles at

WMV:  Your Facebook indicates that you are married to Tom Brecht.   What else, if anything, would you like to tell our readers about  your parents, siblings, children, significant others, or any other  friends or relatives?

Stacy:  Yes, I'm married to a pretty cool guy named Tom.  He's  intelligent, kind, driven, hard-working, adventurous, fun, open- minded, loyal and giving - not to mention pretty handsome!

I'm really close to my family and am blessed to have been raised by  a loving, giving, strong mother who always supported my dreams and passion for dance.  She would drive two hours to and from work, and  then drive me another couple hours to and from my competition dance  practices several days a week.  I still don't know how she did it  all.

I'm proud of my father.  He received a liver transplant a few years  ago on Thanksgiving (talk about being thankful) and has transformed  his living habits, is healthy, and has grown in his Christian faith  significantly.  He is living proof that miracles exist.

My ninety-two-year-old Grandma Marge is one of my favorite people in  this world.  She inspires me daily to live out her legacy. She is  classy, smart, generous, thoughtful, sassy, inquisitive, determined,  a faithful Christian woman, and a natural born fashionista!

WMV:  You are apparently THE founder and owner of Carder Brecht  Communications, Limited Liability Corporation.  Who or what is  Carder?

Stacy:  Yes, I am the founder and owner of Carder Brecht  Communications, L.L.C.  Carder is my maiden name.  I founded the  company before Tom and I were married, and Carder Brecht  Communications had a nice ring to it.

WMV:  In our previous interview, you stated that "the Lord blessed  you..."  What exactly is your religion?

Stacy:  I am a Christian and try to bless others with the gifts I'm  given.

WMV:    Do you still work as a writer for CBS News and the Examiner?

Stacy:  Yes, in addition to owning and operating C.B.C., I write for  CBS and  I enjoy writing positive, informative stories  about art, culture, business, diversity, fashion, food and music.

WMV:  You earned a Masters Degree in Business at Azusa Pacific  University.  Who or what is Azusa, and why is it Pacific?

Stacy:  Azusa Pacific University is located in Azusa, California.  I  believe Pacific was incorporated into the name due to the university  being located on the West Coast.  [According to the Wikipedia  article about Azusa, California, Jack Benny joked that "Azusa" was  short for "A to Z in the U.S.A."; however, it is probably derived  from a Tongva (Aztec) name, Asuksagna.]

WMV:  Is there an Azusa Atlantic University?

Stacy:  Ha,ha!  Not to my knowledge...

WMV:  Has Carder Brecht grown or shrunk in the past eighteen months?

Stacy:  C.B.C. has continued to grow the past couple of years. The  list of clientele has expanded with clients in  art, entertainment, technology, publishing, engineering and non-profit organizations.

WMV:  Are you the webmistress for

Stacy:  Yes, I'm responsible for keeping the C.B.C. website up-to-date  and am excited to showcase the company's new logo and branding at  C.B.C. has a fresh look to match the advancement  of the business.

WMV:  How many people work for you at Carder Brecht?

Stacy:  Currently, C.B.C. is owner-operated, but I am looking to expand the company during the next few years.

WMV:  What music videos, live stage performances and musicals  have you been in since summer of '12?

Stacy:  Since 2012, I've been fortunate to receive several jobs as a dancer, choreographer and model.  I am the choreographer and lead dancer for Billboard charting artist and L.A. Music Award Nominee Lakotah and have choreographed and danced with her in live stage performances and in her music videos, "Falling," and "I Feel Your Body."

I've also been working as a dancer and actress in the musical play, "Da' Hip-Hop Wizzard of Oz."  One of the main roles I play is a - A Wizz Girl.  I get to play a sassy, strong, diva - not too far of a  stretch!  I am also a Tornado Dancer, Student, and Dance Statue.  I'm  excited for shows coming up in 2014!

One of the music videos I danced in a few months ago is now on MTV.  The song is by Nekiya and is called "Ain't Nobody."

In 2013, I danced in "GrooveCiti Hottest Dancers, Choreographers  and Recording Artists" showcase as a soloist, in a duet and group production dance.  I am now helping co-produce the event with founder and C.E.O. of GrooveCiti, Sayelah.  We are working on producing an international tour this year.

In addition to performing hip-hop, jazz and burlesque, I also enjoy doing belly dance and Bollywood.  I've been working with a couple dance companies during the past few years that have enabled me to perform belly dance and Bollywood during live shows.

Being a runway model at the RAWards fashion show at the Key Club in Hollywood for Mary Bii Fashion was also fun.  Since I'm petite, I don't get several opportunities to walk the catwalk, so being in a fashion show on the Sunset Strip was pretty cool.

Additionally, I was a promotional model for Heidi Klum's scalp and hair beauty therapy brand, Clear, at the Grove in L.A., which was especially cool because Heidi was there with us to promote her brand.

I was also a model for Photo Enigmatic in Orange County, showcasing clothing merchandise and serving as a portfolio model and worked on a few photo shoots with Cornerstone Images as a portfolio  model.

WMV:  Have you been to Antarctica yet?

Stacy:  Ha!  No, not yet! However, it's still on my bucket list.

WMV:  What places have you visited since the summer of '12?

Stacy:  Fortunately, my husband and I have been able to travel to several places since the summer of 2012.  Living in Los Angeles provides several opportunities to drive to desirable destinations.  We recently visited Napa Valley, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Catalina Island, Big Sur, Cambria, San Diego, Sonoma, Big Bear, Laguna Beach, Petaluma, Malibu, and Las Vegas.  We also visit our home States of Colorado and Missouri fairly often.

WMV:  Have your French, Spanish and/or Italian linguistic abilities improved since '12?

Stacy:  My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy, so we purchased Rosetta Stone for the Italian language to help us during our adventure.  We still have a lot of learning to do, though!

WMV:  According to your website, your client, Robert Thornhill, whom you mentioned in our previous interview, "is ranked #1 in Amazon's 'Cozy Mystery' and 'Humor' categories, and #8 in Amazon's 'Top 100.'"  Has Diane Rogers released any novels in the past year?

Stacy:   Yes, she recently released BEGINNINGS: Into the Unknown, the last novel in her seven-book White Oaks Series that takes place before, during, and after the Civil War.  She's currently working on a new novel, set to be released in June, that also takes place during the Civil War.

WMV:  Is D.L. Rogers a.k.a. Diane Rogers?

Stacy:  She writes as D.L. Rogers, but her real name is Diane Rogers.  Her one romance novel, The Journey, is written as Diane  Rogers.

WMV:  Did she choose her "pen name" "D.L. Rogers" to disguise her femininity, because she believes people discriminate against female  authors?

Stacy:  That is a fact.  It was actually her step-father, an avid reader, who said he'd "never read a book written by a woman," that led her to use "D.L. Rogers" as her writing name.  Diane wants her books to sell because of their content - not because she's a man or a woman, and sells to many men she meets face to face in her travels.

WMV:  Your website also indicates that your client, John  Bankston's "series 'Vampires of Orange County'" is "available on  Kindle and Smashwords."  What exactly are Smashwords?

Stacy:  Smashwords is an online publishing platform for authors.  I've been able to use the website to help increase my client's popularity and revenue. You can download new books on to add to your reading collection.

WMV:  The South has a reputation for producing some of the U.S.A.'s greatest warriors.  Have you or any member of your family  ever served in the military?

Stacy:  My Uncle Carl is retired from the Navy as a Master Chief, and my Uncle Bill also served in the Navy.  My Grandpa John was in the Army during World War II and received a Purple Heart.

WMV:  We thank your uncles and your grandfather for their service in the U.S. Navy and Army, respectively.

Having been a cheerleader for a Major League team, you are  apparently fond of sports, and you and your husband like to travel.  Would you dare go to the Olympics in Sochi, Russia?

Stacy: I am adventurous by nature, so if I had the opportunity,  I would definitely attend the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It would be  an honor to see world-class athletes showcase their gifts.

WMV:  What upcoming projects would you like to tell the world  about?

Stacy:  I'm working as a manager specializing in the T.V. adaptation of the comedic mystery book series, "Lady Justice," by Robert Thornhill.  We are looking for team members and investors to help get this top-selling book developed into a T.V. series.

Additionally, I'm co-producing an artistic showcase highlighting dancers, choreographers, recording artists and fashion designers called GrooveCiti. The show has been hosted the past few years with eight shows in Southern California, and the GrooveCiti production team has several professional entertainment credits including working with popular musical acts such as Missy Elliott, The Black-Eyed Peas, Jewel, Fergie, Redman, and Method Man. In 2014, our team is working to host GrooveCiti every few months, as well as produce an international tour.

WMV:  How should potential employees and/or investors contact you?

Stacy:  The best way to contact me is by email at

WMV:  What web links would you would like to share?


WMV:  One subtitle on reads "Best Date Night Shows For Valentine’s Day In OC."  How do you intend to celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

Stacy:  I'm not sure.  Lately, my husband and I enjoy creating gourmet  dinners at home, and pairing wine with our meal.  I used to dislike cooking, but during the past couple years, I've found it to be fun.  So, we'll probably look for recipes we want to try, and have a nice evening together watching Netflix.  Ha! As you can see, we're pretty  wild!

Interview by William Mortensen Vaughan

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