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Interview With Deborah Funes

Deborah Funes, by Dmitry C. Photography
Deborah Funes, by Dmitry C. Photography
DISCLAIMER:  La Libertad does not endorse any particular cure for any disease.

Introduction:  Deborah Funes granted us an interview in June, 2014.  More than a year later, she offered us this update, with the news that she has cancer, but is turning this hardship into an opportunity to produce her own film, and share her story with others.  We're glad she did, and wish her continued recovery and success.

La Libertad:  What's new in your career since we interviewed you in June, 2014?

Deb:  Since June 2014 a lot of things happened. In 2014, I focused [on healing] myself of breast cancer. Sounds pathetic, but I am starting to believe that cancer could be a blessing to people who take the natural path. Prevention and cure of Cancer is about a positive change in life.  Cancer said to me: "[Either] you change, or you will die!"

I discovered that cancer could be cured naturally, as [could] many other diseases.  I found out that the authorities of the United States wanted to keep the people in ignorance about this fact.  I had [spent] more than three hundred hours of researching and learning about [a natural cure for cancer] because I am passionate [about] this, [and] I decided to produce a feature film called Touch My Heart.  This feature film will collaborate with the awakening of the humanity.  This movie will be based in a real story - part of my life, and is about an actress that, at the apex of her career, discovered a tumor on her breast.  She will do everything and anything to heal herself naturally.

Within weeks the tumor starts to shrink.

She also has to resolve emotional conflicts with the people that she loves. 

I know that many people will connect with my story for many
reasons.  Who doesn't have in [their] family someone with cancer?
For the first time in my life, I will produce a full feature [film], and I am so proud of this.

And yes, I am still healing.

Also during 2014, the movie Jebadiah's Axe, a feature film that we shot in Dallas, Texas, during 2013, was in many film festivals all over [the] U.S.; this was a great thing...

During May, 2015, I went to N.C. [North Carolina] to shoot a feature film called You Found Me.  Hopefully, this
movie will [become] public during 2015.

In June, 2015m the fantasy film Disciples, [which] is all over Europe, finally appeared on D.V.D. [Digital Video Disc] in the U.S. - something that I was awaiting since we shot in L.A. back in 2012.  That's [more] awesome news!

Between 2014 and June, 2015, I appeared at the cover of great magazines, and I had many interviews; this is a fantastic thing that happens only when you are "living the dream" [smiles].
After many years of managing my own career of acting without trying to get involved in modeling, and ignoring all the agencies, I just signed with Nicole Shelley Models.  I guess it's time to go back to modeling; this is like "going back to school" to me [smiles].

Plans for the future:  

I am launching my second indiegogo campaign to be able to finish
re-writing the script and start shooting the trailer of my film. 
I am also planing to throw some events like I did before, and keep raising funds.

I have a great cast aboard, and I am still looking for some talents to perform as extras, or even small speaking roles.  I have the entire [city of] Miami trying to get into my movie.
This is an incredible, positive response from the public that believes in me and supports my film project.  I am so proud and thankful!!!

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Head shot by Dmitry C. Photography

Interview by Libertad Green

Introduction by William Mortensen Vaughan

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