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Interview With Deborah Funes

 Deborah Funes - Photo by Ron Vollentine
Deborah Funes is an actress and model living in Miami, Florida.

Libertad Green:  What is your occupation?

Deborah:  I am a professional actress and commercial model.

Libertad Green:  In which city and state do you live?

Deborah:  I live in Miami, Florida.

Libertad Green:  What do you love most about your work?

Deborah:  I love to be able to look, feel, and think like the character... To travel to other States and other countries is a plus.

Libertad Green:  Do you have any other talents or hobbies?

Deborah:  I paint and sing, but not professionally yet, as I am very focused on my acting career now.

One of my favorite hobbies is to cook, creating new and tasteful plates. Everything that involves artistic creativity and challenges is totally fascinating to me, from decoration to fashion - from acting to cooking [smiles].

Libertad Green:  What inspires you?

Deborah:  Talented and successful people inspire me very much.  Beautiful faces and amazing bodies inspire me, too.  I feel admiration mixed with inspiration - never jealousy!

Libertad Green:  What is the hardest part of your job?

Deborah:  The hardest part are the schedules.  To wake up early in the morning is not my style [laughs].  My brain and beauty are not at two hundred percent in the morning; I need my beauty sleep to give my two hundred percent, but I can't change the production schedules.  Who likes to wake up early to shoot after many hours of traveling and/or shooting?

Libertad Green:  Do you speak any other languages?

Deborah:  Yes, I do speak Spanish as my first language; English, of course, is my second, and I've learned some Portuguese and Italian, but I am not fluent.  I know some expressions in Japanese, Hungarian, and French, too, but that is not what I consider "speaking."

Libertad Green:  Where have you traveled?

Deborah:  Modeling, I've been to New York a lot, for many years, every month.  I've also had shoots in New Jersey, Long Island, Fire Island, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and, of course, all over N.Y.C.  I have also been shot in Vegas, Dallas, and all over Florida. Doing movies, I've been to Los Angeles; Puerto Rico; Alabama; Dallas again; and Erie, Pennsylvania, and I have been scheduled to shoot in Washington, D.C.; Virginia; Canada; North Carolina; Los Angeles again; Easter Island; and casinos worldwide, for the next couple of years.

Libertad Green:  What are your goals for your career?

Deborah:  I want to be able to produce my own movies, from writing to directing.  My highest career goal is to win an Oscar.  If this is not possible, at least I will try because I have the talent, and I am sure I will be able to win some award; it could be as an actress, writer, or director.

Libertad Green:  Any upcoming projects?
Deborah Funes, Brainpie Media Productions
Deborah:  I have many upcoming projects, of all types of genres (sports, crime, drama, comedy, et cetera).  Not all of my upcoming projects are on IMDb yet, but I have around fifteen film projects on my list.

[NOTE:  Deborah's IMDb filmography already lists three films which are scheduled for release in 2015:  Devil's Choice, You Found Me, and The Mob:  A Woman's Revenge.  It also lists one title for 2016 (Astronomy Walkers), and another which has been "announced" (The Film Project Bracha the Will of Love).]

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