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Interview With Jessica Trigg

Jessica Trigg
Jessica Trigg

La Libertad:  Where were you born?

Jessica:  I was born June 10, 1975, in the villiage of Malmo, in Scandinavia.  I lived there till I was two, before moving to Deerborn, Michigan.  My father, Tomas,  and mother, Jestina...

We moved to Hollywood, and I was home schooled.

La Libertad:  Where do you currently reside?

Jessica:  I live in Tustin

La Libertad:  What is your occupation?

Jessica:  I'm an actress.  I've appeared in many small films, [including] Never, and White Crows.  I just played a queen in
a short film.  The people had feathers, and they would wave them at me, and I was their ruler.  [Laughs...]

La Libertad:  What is the hardest part of your job?

Jessica:  The hardest part of my job is just getting parts. 

I used to just do background. 

Marc Chicoine cast me... to do a role... how I met Marc and Rex.  They were filiming in Glendale, and on Episode 4, I'm the poster girl.  I was at the Coffee Bean, with my friend, and they were filming.  Marc gave me his card, and I booed the karaoke singer. 

Then he invited me to the shoot in Playa del Rey... Episode 6 of "Metropolitan Detective"...  It was a pool party scene. I was a little nervous, so he had me splash the lifeguard and just talk.  The lifeguard's name was Titus, and it was this really nice man's apartment we used - Drew Whitlock.

I wasn't very good, but he and Rex [Chicoine] helped me a lot, and I was able to get through my scene.  It was the scariest
thing I've ever done, but they were so great.  Rex held the camera and directed. 

I met really nice people [such as] Leonel Claude

La Libertad:  What inspires you?
Jessica Trigg
Jessica Trigg by Nick Forino

Jessica:  What inspires me?  Just being on a show and being able to see it.  I do mostly background, but the queen movie has me motivated, plus the detective show. Just knowing I can do it!

My first movie was a while ago.  I had a friend who had an agent, and he knew I could roller skate.  He cast me in
Gingerdead Man 3 Saturday Night Clever.

Ironically, Rex was in the film, but I did not know him at the time.

La Libertad:  What are your career goals?

Jessica:  Career goals are to become a famous actress, maybe.   I don't know if I want to become famous.  Basically, my mom and dad take care of me.  They give me a place to live, a car to drive, and money when I need it.  I want to find a good guy, and get married, and have a few children.  Like every other woman, I guess...

La Libertad:  What links would you like to share?


Metropolitan Detective episode featuring Jessica and her friend, April:

La Libertad:  What  else, if anything, would you like to tell our readers?

Jessica:  That's me and my friend, April Galding, on the picture of Episode 4, Metropolitan Detective; April has the glasses on.

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