Monday, October 7

Interview with Mark Chicoine

I first met Marc Chicoine (pronounced "shuh-QUINN") in 2012, on the set of Kavi "Pet Sematary" Raz' Lighting Dreams, which was also a set of indoor, badminton courts.  Kavi Raz used us as background extras playing badminton with each other, behind the two most impressive badminton players I've ever seen.  I wouldn't ordinarily consider badminton a dangerous sport, but I wouldn't be surprised if anyone suffered an injury playing badminton against those two!

As we played badminton, we began conversing about various topics, including one of my personal favorites:  politics.  Marc seemed friendly and intelligent, and we agreed on several things, although he seemed even more pessimistic about politics than I was.

Kavi never spoke to us himself, as if that would be beneath him, but, after a while, our handler came and informed us that they were recording sound as well as video from a distance, so, although they wanted us to converse as badminton players would naturally, they preferred that we keep our conversation lighter and less controversial.

Vaughanster:  Congratulations, Marc, on your first year being listed as an actor on, at!  How long have you really been acting?

Marc:  Acting since "Romper Room"...  Been in many TV series such as "Storage  Hunters," "The Supermarket Show," "Bandana Chronicles,"  "Guinness World Records Gone Wild," "The Numbers Game,"  etc.

Vaughanster:  What, if anything, would you like to tell the world about your parents, siblings, or other relatives?

Marc:  My brother is former disk jockey and sports analyst Dan Vada.  My uncle Ralph J. Rose appeared in episodes of "The Addams Family," "The Andy Griffith Show," "Mayberry R F.D.," "Gun Smoke," "Get Smart," and "Slattery's People."

Vaughanster:  Facebook indicates you graduated from the University of California - Berkeley in the year 2000.  What did you receive a degree in?  What were your major and minor? 
Marc:  Have my degree in Administration of Justice, and a paralegal certificate...

Vaughanster:  Facebook also indicates that you attended Claremont High School in California, and graduated from Claremont High School in the United Kingdom.  Is that just a coincidence, or a mistake?

Marc:  It's Claremont High School in the United States, not the United Kingdom.

Vaughanster:  Congratulations on the recent release of All Cheerleaders Die, starring LA Libertad's founding Editor-in-Chief, Libertad Green (just kidding).  What, if anything, would you like to tell us about that gig?

Marc:  All Cheerleaders Die - they dubbed me as a high school science teacher.  Cool that Libertad Green was in that movie as well...
Vaughanster:  I see your StarMeter Rating on only goes back about one year, to September 16, 2012, just after the Benghazi Attack.  What were you doing for a living before then? 

Marc:  Worked downtown Los Angeles for a few years before moving to Las Vegas where I sold home, life and business insurance.
Vaughanster:  What was your first job?

Marc:  Was the sports and weather guy for my high school news, W. O. L. F. News - later was the anchorman...  My co-anchor is none other than Facebook friend Jennifer Robin, now Jennifer Robin Jensen.
Vaughanster:  What is your religion?

Marc:  ...I don't practice religion.  Believe in God and pray every day...

Vaughanster:  Your Facebook cover photo shows a picture of you with Jon Voight.  What were the circumstances surrounding this photo opportunity?

Marc:  John "Bought" [Voight] is in the acting fraternity...  We both showed up at an event and took the picture.

Vaughanster:  Are you a Republican?

Marc:  No political affiliation...

We first met, playing badminton on the set of Lighting Dreams, directed by Kavi Raz, who is known for playing Steve in Stephen King's Pet Sematary.  Have you heard from Mr. Raz since then?

Marc:  Lighting Dreams was cool.  Just played badmitton with you for a little while...

Vaughanster:  Is badminton one of your favorite sports?  What other sports or hobbies are you fond of?

Marc:  Used to spend most of my free time playing basketball...  Got a role in 1988 playing a baseball player in a James Edward "Almost" [Olmos] film entitled Talent for the Game...  My high-school friend Jeff Wurtz also had a part in that movie.

Vaughanster:  What exactly is your relationship to James Mason?

Marc:  James Mason is a friend [I worked with on the] "Creepy Bikini Girl" series.

Not long after we met, I saw a picture of you on Facebook, with Krystin Hagen, also known as, "the Creepy Bikini Girl," a webseries which James Mason seems to be filming, as well as your "Metropolitan Detective."  Whose idea was "the Creepy Bikini Girl," and whose idea was Metropolitan Detective? 

Marc:  I wrote" Metropolitan  Detective" in high school in Jack Farley's creative  writing class.  My web series "Metropolitan Detective"  needed some better equipment and an assistant director, so I brought James in.  Krystin Hagen was an actress I  worked with in "Creepy Bikini Girl."

Vaughanster:  IMdb indicates you are best known for having "[a]te food at church" Among the Shadows, a horror film by Gene Blalock.  What would you prefer to be known for?

Marc:  When I lived in Las Vegas, I got in... The Mentalist (has nothing to do with the TV series).  It was an HBO special where the guy had powers of the mind to move objects such as a chair with his brain.  I, along with my good friend singer, actress Karen Wallo, held numbers and the mentalist knew what number we had.

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