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Interview with Stacy Brecht

Stacy Brecht is a Los Angeles, California based model.

La Libertad:  When did you start modeling?

Stacy Brecht:   I started modeling professionally four years ago.

La Libertad:  What got you started as a model?

Stacy Brecht:   During my youth, I noticed that so many different messages can be conveyed in a single photograph, and the complexity of interpreting human thoughts and emotions in a non-verbal medium was intriguing to me. When doing photo shoots for dance, I enjoyed the creative, expressive outlet, so I decided to pursue modeling more seriously and signed with a large modeling agency in the Midwest before moving to Los Angeles to advance my career. 

La Libertad:  How long have you been dancing?

Stacy Brecht:   I have danced for over 20 years. Growing up, I was blessed to be on an award-winning national dance competition team (Shout-out to Darcee's School of Dance in Saint Joseph, Missouri!) that enabled me to compete all over the United States performing solos, duets, group and production dances. When I was 19, I received my first professional dance gig; I was a cheerleader for the Kansas City Wizards Major League soccer team. Since then, I moved to Los Angeles and been fortunate to continue pursuing my passion for dance professionally in music videos, live stage performances and musicals.

La Libertad:  What styles do you dance?

Stacy Brecht:  During my professional dance career I have performed dance styles such as: hip-hop, jazz, ballet, belly dance, Bollywood, samba, salsa, cabaret, French can-can, African, Persian, Armenian and burlesque.

La Libertad:  Who have you really enjoyed working with?

Stacy Brecht:   I am thankful to have worked with so many talented, intelligent and inspiring people. Some of my favorite entertainment jobs include: working with the artist, Lakotah, as a dancer in her music video, "Falling," that was a Billboard dance hit, performing as a dancer in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay with the artists, Parthiv Gohil and Anjeza for the show, Hollywood Meets Bollywood, modeling in the RAW Awards Fashion Show in Los Angeles for MaryBii Fashion, dancing in the White Party Three Fashion Show in Los Angeles,  dancing in the musical, New Kid in Town, modeling in the Los Angeles Zombie Fashion Show and dancing in Vinita's (managed by Ron Artest's entertainment management company, Artest Media Group) music video, "Take Me For One Night."

La Libertad:   What other languages do you speak?

Stacy Brecht:   I speak a little French, but I probably should've paid better attention in my French classes because I am by no means fluent.:-) Eventually, I want to become fluent in French, Spanish and Italian.

La Libertad:   Where have you traveled to?

Stacy Brecht:  My husband and I are adventure seekers, so we love to travel, experience new cultures and get out of our comfort zone. Some of my favorite trips were to France, Germany, Jamaica, New York City, Martha's Vineyard, Napa Valley and San Francisco. Someday, I want to travel to all of the continents - even Antarctica!

La Libertad:   What other talents do you have?

 Stacy Brecht:   Besides dancing and modeling, I am also a publicist and a writer. I write for CBS ( ) and ( ) and own a public relations and marketing company called Carder Brecht Communications, LLC.

 La Libertad:   Any upcoming projects?

Stacy Brecht:   In addition to expanding my public relations and marketing business and advancing my writing, dancing and modeling career, I am serving as an entertainment manager for two authors based in Kansas City, Missouri (Diane Rogers and Robert Thornhill) and helping them develop their novels into a movie and a television series.

La Libertad:   What are your goals for your career?

Stacy Brecht:   One thing I've learned while living in Los Angeles is that it is helpful to make goals in life to direct your path, but it's important to be open to new opportunities that come along and may cause you to veer off your initial path. Goals often change and morph into something greater than we can imagine if we let ourselves be open to it. Initially, I wanted to have a successful dance and modeling career and become a seasoned publicist, but over the past few years, the Lord blessed me with additional opportunities to utilize some of my other passions and abilities. For example, writing for publications and working as an entertainment manager are new endeavors that I did not plan on pursuing, but the opportunity presented itself while I was working towards my other goals.

Ultimately, I want to pursue work that helps others and contributes to my personal and professional growth so I can be a better human being. I would like to expand my company, Carder Brecht Communications, LLC, add more challenging credits to my dance and modeling resume, write a book (I'm still solidifying the story and the genre.), develop a non-profit organization, be a movie and television producer and obtain my Ph.D.

La Libertad:   Please tell us more about Carder Brecht Communications, LLC

Stacy Brecht:   Carder Brecht Communications (CBC), LLC was founded about four years ago, and the company's mission is to help clients' dreams come true. CBC specializes in services such as: online marketing, traditional public relations and marketing, business development, branding, advertising, developing online merchant services, website design and development, management representation for entertainment clients and crisis communications management. For more information about CBC, please go to

 Interview by Libertad Green

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