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Interview with Elena Letitia Popa

Elena Letitia Popa is Los Angeles, California based model.

La Libertad:  When did you start modeling?
Elena Letitia Popa:  I started Fashion Modeling/Runway Show training and modeling part-time when I was 19 years old in my native country Romania and I started to work as a model at the beginning of 2012 in Los Angeles.

La Libertad:  What got you started as a model?
Elena Letitia Popa:  I was dreaming to become a model since childhood. I used to read all fashion magazines and watch all fashion shows dreaming that one day I will be a model myself. I love everything about modeling, fashion, beauty. I have a passion for clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up. I do my best to always look good so I love to play with colors, combine clothing with shoes and make-up. Looking good makes me feel good.

La Libertad:  Who have you really enjoyed working with?
Elena Letitia Popa:  I find every modeling opportunity inspiring because it reveals the beauty, grace and glamor that lies inside of me, it enhances my experience and makes me better. To give you an example, I enjoyed working as a shoe model for Eclater Footwear and as a fashion model for Daniel Benjamin Rodriguez.

La Libertad:  What other languages do you speak?
Elena Letitia Popa:  Besides English, I speak Romanian fluently and Spanish at intermediate level.

La Libertad:  Where have you traveled to?

Elena Letitia Popa:  I traveled to Romania, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain, France, Russia, Croatia, Caribbean, Egypt, Jamaica, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Portugal, Florida, Chicago, Arizona. I'm dreaming that one day I'll have the chance to travel all around the world. There are so many wonderful places full of history and civilization that are waiting to be discovered and explored.La Libertad:  What other talents do you have?

Elena Letitia Popa:  I used to design and sew clothes for myself since childhood. I have a very good sense of beauty/fashion style, I love to advise people how to get dressed, how to combine clothes (fibers, colors), how to match clothes with shoes, accessories and make-up to look and feel good. I love to help people in need because above all this is what really matters to me. I love kids and I'm very good as a tutor. I love to take and retouch pictures. I love to dance, practice sports and travel. I love to bake cookies. I love to sing.La Libertad:  Any upcoming projects?

Elena Letitia Popa:  I have some castings for Hair Model Express, some interviews for Fashion Stylist Intern and I'm open to collaborate with serious people/agencies who specialize in hiring for Photo Shoots, Runway Shows, Events, TV, Film, Commercials, Music Videos, Conventions, Agency Work, Video Shoots, Glamor, Print/Editorial, Sport/Fitness, Parts Modeling.

La Libertad:  What are your goals for your career?

Elena Letitia Popa:  First of all, I would like to be exposed as a model and fashion stylist in major print media and TV. I would like to become not only a famous model but a very famous fashion stylist to help people look good and feel good. I'd like to bring beauty in our lives through my beauty and fashion advices. If I accomplish that and I make people look and feel good, then I reached my goal, because the most important thing for me in this world is to make others happy.

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Interview by Libertad Green

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