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Interview With Chris Hoover

Chris Hoover
Chris Hoover
Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa Publicity introduced us to Chris Hoover as the author of a "new, erotic novel, Willow's Whispers," which is set "right before the raging Southern California fires of 2017," when "a middle-aged writer [was] engulfed in a taboo relationship with a muse thirty years his junior, causing his life to crash and burn around him.

"Reed Allen [was] a... Navy SEAL [Sea, Air, and Land operative], but [then he became] a struggling writer who [needed] a good story; otherwise, he might as well [have given] up on his passion. Having lived a life full of adventure in the military, then later as a fire fighter, Reed decided to put all his eggs into one basket, [and move] across [the] country to pursue the dream of becoming a bestselling author.

"His aspirations [came] to a screeching halt when he [met] the vivacious and barely legal siren, Willow, who not only [turned] his world upside down, but his long dormant heart inside out.

"The May-December romance was only supposed to be a fling... Reed assured himself, but when moments turned into nights, and days turned into weeks, he found himself utterly unable to live without his delicate muse. What began as a casual affair quickly spiraled into an all-consuming, life-altering addiction which could very well cost him his dreams, and even his life.

"Based on a real-life love affair between two forbidden lovers,
Willow's Whispers is a modern take on The Professor [Marston] and the Wonder Women clashed with the working man’s version of Fifty Shades of Grey."

Josh told us that the "book [was] set for publication on Valentine's Day and [would] be available on Amazon":

La Libertad:  What would you like to tell our readers about Willow's Whispers?

Chris:  Willow's Whispers is a twisted, romantic, taboo story about a couple who were living in a forbidden relationship for almost a year.  It was forbidden because she was just nineteen and he was firty-nine.  He was her mentor, and she was his muse.  However, she distracted him from his writing career, with her whimsical energy and her sensual body.  In the end, even though he was the dominating force in their colorful relationship, she was the one who left him to fend for himself in the midst of the recent, horrible California Fires.

La Libertad:  What do you like about being a writer? 

Chris:  I like to tell stories, and I find that writing them is a very healthy way to express my inner feelings and fantasies.

La Libertad:  What do you love most about your work?  

Chris:  I love the flexibility of my writing duties, and the excitement that comes along with it when the new novel or book is just being published.

La Libertad:  What talents and hobbies do you have? 

Chris:  I am a highly skilled carpenter; I play the mandolin [and] the violin; I am a solid white water guide; I also enjoy surf kayaking, disc golf, mountain biking, long boarding, camping, hiking, fishing, dancing, and painting.

La Libertad:  What inspires you? 

Chris:  Being outside in nature, or dancing to live music.

La Libertad:  What is the hardest part of writing a novel?  

Chris:  The actual typing of it; I only type about thirty words per minute.

La Libertad:  Where have you traveled? 

Chris:  Canada, Mexico, all over the U.S., and I have lived in Costa Rica, which is where the inspiration for my first novel came from.

La Libertad:  What was your first novel?

Chris:  I spent many vacations and lived in Costa Rica for a year.  It was in this musical, magical world that I met a cherished spirit guide, who introduced me to a shaman, who mentored me in so many magical ways!  It was while I was existing in this euphoric world away from the mechanical grind of America, that I was inspired to finish the last one hundred pages of my four-hundred-page sci-fi fantasy novel called Imagine FreedomImagine Freedom was spawned from a lucid dream I had over thirty years ago now.  In the dream, there was an underwater, subterranean portal that led to another world deep inside our own. Inside of this world Reed Allen, the main character [in] Imagine Freedom, and the leader of the Freedom Fighting revolution, found the key to life.
La Libertad:  What are your overall career goals? 

Chris:  To see all of my books [become] best [sellers], and to make Willow's Whispers into a feature film.

La Libertad:  What other projects are you working on? 

Chris:  I just published/co-authored How We Got Trumped.  I also have published two sci-fi fantasy novels, Imagine Freedom and the sequel, Freedom Lives.  I am also working on a Ganja Cartoon series.

La Libertad:  What upcoming events, if any, do you intend to participate in? 

Chris:  I plan on being at SXSW [South by Southwest Film Festival]  and various Comic Cons.

La Libertad:  What links would you like to share? 


[How We Got Trumped]

La Libertad:  What else, if anything, would you like to tell our readers?  

Chris:  Willow's Whispers is set for publication by February 22, and will be available on Amazon initially.  There is also a feature film pending which will be shot at the house and in Ventura County.  Ten percent of the proceeds will go to victims of the Thomas Fire.

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