Tuesday, May 9

Interview With Cuddy D

Cuddy D
Cuddy D
Steve Perri introduced us to himself as "Cuddy D," after his publicist, Josh Mitchell, from Wickid Pissa Publicity, referred him to us.

La Libertad:  Where were you born?

Cuddy:  Long Branch, New Jersey.

La Libertad:  Where do you currently live?

Cuddy:  Middletown, New Jersey.

La Libertad:  What do you love most about "The Cuddy D Show"?

Cuddy: What I love most about The Cuddy D Show is our unique perspective on the topics we discuss, I never know what to expect from my co-hosts.

La Libertad: What would you like to tell our readers about your co-hosts?

Cuddy: My brother Jim "J-Dawg" - the wit and genius of J-Dawg in the house. The master of hilarious one line quips, love and peace... Vicki Lee - she might be the quietest one on the panel, but loves to throw in some witty zingers, showing us her unique perspective on the topics. She packs a real punch. Courtney - singer/songwriter, she also has years of public speaking
under her belt, on the topic of sexual assault. Courtney believes most anything can be overcome by humor!

La Libertad: What inspired you to create your unique format?

Cuddy: As a fan of television talk shows, I had grown tired of the same old format: one host monologue, one perspective. This is why I created a show that offers multiple points of view, where our audience can perhaps relate to us better than other shows, where we say the things that people at home are thinking in their minds, but don't say; we become their voice.

La Libertad: What is the hardest part of coordinating each episode?

Cuddy: Getting everyone onboard for the same date and time in filming new shows, considering we all have our own private lives.

La Libertad: Where would you like the show to be in five years?

Cuddy: Airing on a major television network.

La Libertad: What has been the most memorable moment on your show?

Cuddy: Getting kicked off Public Access television for three weeks for saying the word "ass" on one of our episodes. And then, having to kiss ass in getting the show back on the network.

La Libertad: What are your career goals?

Cuddy: My overall career goals are to be the best host/producer I can be where I continue to hone my skills and evolve with the times so our audience continues to watch and love "The Cuddy D Show."

La Libertad: When can fans expect your latest edition?

Cuddy: Fans can expect new shows in the Fall of 2017, as we presently are promoting our show's trailer.

La Libertad: What links would you like to share?





La Libertad: What else, if anything, would you like to tell our readers?

Cuddy: My message to your readers, of La Libertad magazine is this:

If you are interested in watching a stimulating talk show where we tell it like it is in our topics, and keep it real in an unbiased manner, while invoking humor, then tune in to "The Cuddy D Show."

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