Thursday, April 20

Interview With Louise

Loise introduced herself to us by telling us that her "name
is Louise," and she works at Artsy.  She apparently discovered us While "researching Pablo Picasso," when she found our interview with Gregory Blair.  She determined that we might be among "certain website and blog owners that publish content in line with [Artsy's] mission to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone."  She also apparently "hopes to continue promoting arts
education and accessibility with [our] help.

"[Their] Pablo Picasso page provides visitors with Picasso's bio, [more than eight hundred] of his works, exclusive articles, and up-to-date Picasso exhibition listings. The page also includes related artists and categories, allowing viewers to discover art beyond [their] Picasso page."

La Libertad:  What links would you like to share?


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