Friday, April 4

LA Libertad Interview: Genia Núñez

Genia is an actress, writer, and producer from the Dominican Republic.

WMV:  In Spanish, your surname should have a written  accent and

a tilde, like this:



Genia:  Yes, that's right.

Libertad:  What is your occupation?

Genia:   Actress, Writer, Producer.

Libertad:  In which city and State do you live?

Genia:   I live in Los Angeles, California.  I grew up in New York City, and am originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Libertad:  What do you love most about your work?

Genia:   Collaborating and creating something with other individuals to tell a story.  I enjoy getting to experience someone else's life and learn about a character that I, perhaps, would never have the opportunity to do so...  I love bringing a character to life and being a vessel that shares that story.

Libertad:  Do you have any other talents or hobbies?

Genia:   I enjoy writing, painting, photography, reading, and the outdoors.

Libertad:  What inspires you?

Genia:   My family!  They really inspire me to pursue my dreams and really strive to achieve them.

Libertad:  What is the hardest part of your job?

Genia:   Honestly, sometimes it feels like time flies when you're engulfed in your creativity, but that's life and we have to make it work!  Like they say time flies  when you're having fun and doing what you love.

Libertad:  Do you speak any other languages?

Genia:   I'm fluent in Spanish and conversational in Italian.  I understand a bit of French, but want to really learn it.

Libertad:  Where have you traveled?

Genia:   I try to go back yearly to [the] Dominican Republic, where I still have family.  I've been to many places in the  U.S.; Bermuda; Mexico; London, England; and Paris, France.

Libertad:  What are your goals for your career?

Genia:  I'd love to be part of a Marvel or D.C. [Detective Comics] franchise as one of the characters.  Super hero or Supervillain, doesn't matter!  I'd love to be a series regular on a drama; there are so many great stories being told on  T.V.! 

I'm also interested in directing someday.  I've  gotten a little taste behind the camera, so we'll see what the future brings. 

Libertad:  Any upcoming projects?

Genia:   Just shot a short that was part of [the] HollyShorts/ Round 2 contest; now it'll turn into a pilot episode for a web series.  So we're shooting a few more episodes for that.  I got to  produce, write, co-direct, and star in it as well.

I'm in pre-production for a feature film (details to come). 

Working on a couple of scripts that I'm writing...

Libertad:  Do you have any links you would like to share?


 Interview by Libertad Green

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