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Interview With Marina Shron

Marina Shron
Marina Shron
photo by Karen Shasha
Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa Publicity introduced Marina Shron to us, and she was gracious enough to grant us this interview.

 La Libertad:  What would you like to tell our readers about The Fruit of Our Womb?

Marina:  The film is a behind-closed-doors look at the life of an affluent Manhattan couple and a homeless teenage girl (Christina) who they rescue from the streets and take into their world. It's the story of an instant family - one that starts as a utopian dream, which blossoms, but quickly degenerates into a vicious nightmare.

At its core, it’s a social parable set in a society where child sex abuse is at once the biggest taboo and the most lucrative enterprise.

La Libertad:  What was the short film that the feature is based on?

Marina:  The feature is a sequel to [my] award-winning short film "Lullaby for Ray" - a miniature film-noir that follows Christina and her partner, Ray, who transforms in the course of the film, from her “daddy” to her “lover” to her “pimp. By the end of the film, Ray is dead, and Christina embarks on a search of a new home.
Lullaby for Ray
Estelle Bajou

La Libertad:  What are the perks of your Kickstarter campaign?

Marina:  We have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, and we offer some pretty amazing perks,  from a limited edition tote bag and an autographed poster with the film’s logo to the Producer credits. Everyone who contributes $20 and above gets [a] digital download of the film, a film credit, and [an invitation] to our wrap-party. Some of the most popular perks include a walk-on background talent role in one of our larger scenes (perfect for aspiring actors) and a PHOTOWALK – a guided tour of the film sites in New York, with photography advice from myself and the film’s D.P. [Director of Photography].  Oh, and there’s a script-consulting session with me; in addition to making films, I’ve been teaching screenwriting for many years.

La Libertad:  What do you love most about filmmaking?

Marina:  Film is an inherently poetic medium. It’s the most direct way to convey my vision - my experience of the world without explaining or rationalizing it. My background is in writing – writing for theater, to be exact. When writing plays, I had to rely on dialogue – but images are so much more powerful than words! I also love the collaborative nature of filmmaking. It’s hard but joyful work!

La Libertad:  What inspires you?

Marina:  I’m not quite sure what it is that inspires me to create. It’s a certain kind of hunger… I just have to do it to stay alive!

La Libertad:  What is the hardest part of producing a movie?

Fundraising. And again – fundraising. It’s the part that takes the longest, and it’s the hardest, the most tedious one - at least, for me it is. I’ve been lucky to work with producers who actually enjoy that part of the process!

La Libertad:  Where have you traveled?

Marina:  I’ve traveled to many countries – Italy, France, Germany, SpainColombia, where I made another short film, "Sea Child"... If time travel counts, I would include Russia; I was born there, in St.Petersburg. Along with New York, where I currently live, it’s one of the most influential cities in my life – a source of my “dark” inspiration.

La Libertad:  What are your overall career goals?

Marina:  My short term goal is to make my feature film debut, The Fruit of Our Womb. My overall goal is to carve a niche for myself as a female film director. I’m pretty certain that the kind of films I want to make have not been made yet.

La Libertad:  What other projects are you hoping to work on?

Marina:  I'm currently working on another screenplay, a political thriller, and a T.V. pilot. But I believe The Fruit of Our Womb should take most (if not all) of my time in 2019. My plan is to shoot the film in [the fall of] 2019, and complete post-production by January, 2020. We have recently launched the Kickstarter campaign to help us meet these goals.

La Libertad:  What links would you like to share?

The Kickstarter Campaign [which ends May 1, 2019]:


The Film’s Website:


And you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram:



Judas Kiss
Madi Hall & Amy Gordon, photo by Charles Fara
La Libertad:  What else, if anything, would you like to tell our readers?

Marina:  Don’t let anyone tell you what kind of life you should or should not be living, [or] what kind of films you should or should not be making.

And, if you have a rebel streak in you, please join our Kickstarter campaign and become a part of The Fruit of Our Womb team!

Warm regards...

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